When the Lesu boots were designed we took into account where the paw for walking poles could be improved, at this time there was no such thing as social distancing and we never thought we would be using our poles with the restrictions we currently have.

The Lesu boots now have an advantage over all others with them being easy to see, helping to keep our distancing, getting us noticed by others, hands are being kept clean with no need to remove a dirty paw and use a spike. Stay safe when out and about nordic walking - get the lesu boot - 'THE PAW WITH SO MUCH MORE!'………


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Another week has flown past at Lesu - on line fitness classes all had new moves this week, the regulars fitness levels have all gone through the roof and sessions originally started to bring people together as a unit for more mental than physical health are going strong

Our on line Personal Training programme is second to non and we use the same system for our on line clinic treatments. Our monthly class members can have a free 30 min on line consultation, these are popular for advice on potential injuries.

Our Clinic at Lesu is open, PPE is worn by both client and practitioner and we willowy see a maximum of 2 people per day.

As the lockdown restrictions look like they are increasing we also have our outdoor exercise in Nordic Walking, we operate poles apart for distancing, and our groups will be no more than 6 in our clubs on a Friday and Sunday, taster sessions and courses are individual, unless form the same family where we will have a family group form the same house of no more than 6.

Live personal Training in the outdoors only is based around Nordic Walking, the course is included in the cost of a Personal Training programme.

We have you fitness covered at Lesu, any questions yo may have - let us know - as the year starts to come to a close and wind down our mental health is even more important, we are here to help you with that.

We can also help with you looking good! check out our new T's and hoodies in the store , our autumn collection is just for you and all design are only available with us, you cant buy them anywhere else….stay cosy, stay warm…

As always take care and be safe……


With Covid not going away anytime soon it seems we continue our lives trying to live as normal as we can, to the fullest we can.
With our sports we need to be safe, make our own decisions and not rely upon the decision making of strangers when out and about. Even in the outdoors always carry a face covering and hand gel, not designed for the current situation, but coming into it's own is our Lesu Boot - the paw for your walking pole which offers even more these days - it's shape and colour enable you to stand out, mark your ground and help others keep their distance, along with no requirement to adjust and its all terrain grip your hands will remain clean.

Check out our store now to order yours.

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Nordic walkers have been social distancing since before we all ever spoke of such a thing, probably the most sociable sport in the world, when you are using poles you are generally 'poles apart', its only really the coffee at the end of a session where we catch up and distance where we get back to a 'new normal' So if you haven't tried Nordic walking, come and see what its all about with a taster session, feel 'the power of the poles' feels invigorated, make new friends and 'FEEL SAFE'

Click Nordic walking above and start the journey that will change your life - it's where 'Strangers become friends'


You can wear these cool design T's anywhere, not just when in a class or out for your run/walk, look good in any situation and available in various colours - the summer is still here, keep cool - look good..

Lesu Clinic re opens tomorrow, guidelines are on the web site - we will only see one client per day for the foreseeable future -

Our on line fitness classes develop each week, no need to miss a session now, you have past for it so you can catch with the class later and not miss your class -

Online Personal training is an excellent programme where you get our full attention and work out in your own time in your own space of choice -

Nordic walking is back with Doublebois Polers Club on a Friday and Sunday, Taster sessions and courses to suit your timings are also now available -

the on line clinic is available, 2 face to face sessions on line and a weeks course via our free app-

Lesu is flexible to your needs and to the current situation changing our lives, we have no need to adjust, you can start your fitness, maintain your fitness, stay in control and above all have fun and meet new people, form classes on line to our clinic,, we have your safety and both mental and physical fitness up most in all of our planning.

We know as things can change at vert short notice we aim to supply a flexible service to help alleviate disruption in your life.

Click 'ON LINE GYM' for classes, pt and info, use the other buttons on the site for info or simply contact us direct for any info.