Online classes going from strength to strength - members increasing - fitness increasing BUT, above all the fun is increasing - this ensures that the fitness happens naturally, where people have fun - THEY DO NOT REALISE THEY ARE GETTING FITTER!!! We will continue with our belief that this is the way to go, all we ask of you is - COME AND GIVE IT A GO!! We guarantee that after a month you will have changed your life for the better in so many ways, made new friends, had a laugh, got fitter and you will wake up looking forward to the day

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We are here - and it's almost a year! We will be here this time next year, Covid or when it's gone Fitness in your own space is here to stay, we have members taking part at home, at work in the garden at times that suit them, live or with a link later. No travelling, no waiting for equipment and in the company of a group of people who have become friendS. Members of the same whats app group, in daily contact with one another through music and interests, how many fitness club members wish happy birthday, happy anniversary to one another, offer advice or ask how someone is if they miss a few sessions? db Fitness club is SO MUCH MORE THAN A FITNESS CLUB - it is your club and how it develops comes from the members, no joining or membership fee, stop when you want.

Monthly challenges keep you focussed, enjoy a free on line clinic to discuss and be prescribed self treatments, get a free loan of equipment and get a FREE Lesu Turtle fitness bag. We are focussed on you, mental and physical health and fitness, so you can focus on your life….with over 700 classes completed on line - we look forward to the next 700 and completing them with you….