db fit club - we go every day - we have a great group who have become friends - it's for all abilities - it's on line - it's in your time - miss one and get it on a catch up.....https://www.lesufitnessinnovation.com/page-3/page-6/2tsmg26nfj0ohfeo5wjca8ogx2amivucwtwixdcfr1fgtpgf_62582939_480xauto 11.39.052te1sqayfnrnrrr5kgjfs0zgh4w6pritqgobaxo624bs3xef_62586131_480xautox4qdkfi4pokrm769t6oyxtjobbvdcefzus2lxbl4zgsdnsls_62584886_480xauto

Its the weekly classes for next weeks programme and also the Nordic Walking for November.

Nordic walking sessions may change at short notice and the Lostwithiel adventure may change to Burrator, if this happens Lostwithiel will be the very next avenger we will do. The Sunday Polers club now have alternate weeks at Doublebois, one adventure a month (3hrs) with normal time sessions (1.5hrs) out and about.

Friday morning club is having a rest as I am planning on changing the day if required as we get new joiners, we can then have a midweek club meeting that suits everyone, I also plan on the midweek group having the same programme as the Sunday

Kevin is well into his Leaders course right now, he will be taking various sessions with the Sunday Polers Club.

As I programme month ahead, the adventure walks ar done up to the end of the year, the on line classes are the same and our policy is that if you are ging to be in any of the classes then they will take place, early morin worm catchers for Jan1st 2021 at 7,30am - how many takers??????

Nordic walking next year will also see a longer walk take place with the Sunday club, probably a 6 hr session where we can get more miles under the belt and take along a packed lunch, these are planned form the spring time, but it is all weather and numbers permitting - this is a plan form 2020, ut it was shelved with Covid making it's appearance. Check out the programmes - and any?'s give me a shout - tae care and be safe, make it a good week - make it yours!!!

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November Nordic walking copy


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