As the virus increases its grip on everything we know and it squeezes into a strangle hold it is time fo ros to loosen ours


Take a breath in and slowly breathe out when you feel tense, control youR agitation, and think about your response, smile, say hello, communicate with one another. Think good thoughts - look for the good in everyone, be relaxed, be positive, be helpful and kind.


Just be as active as you can, don't just sit and watch tv, stay as mobile as you can, drink plenty of fluids to keep focussed and hydrated, don't plan on becoming a super indoor athlete, google stretching, google spinal mobilisation, google breathing exercises, there's a lot of info out there. If you can use your garden its the time of year where we can start to prepare, take your time and enjoy


Normal life is complicated enough, don't over complicate, take each day at a time, be safe, take care