This week has been a gr8 one for the outdoors and Nordic Walkers - last Sunday it was a fun fitness session in Doublebois, even a practice of Parade Nordic!!! Thursday it was out and about Doublebois again with 'The Hill'. This Sunday it will be a welcome return to Lerryn, only a month after the last walk there - BUT this keeps us away from the holiday makers and traffic, only for a few more weeks and we will be back to some coastal routes.

db Fitness club are now in week 5 of the wed/fri challenge, class remain very well attended and personal goals are being achieved and then the bar is raised for the next level. We have had to change our delivery people we use due to being let down with no pick ups and stuff going missing - we now believe we will have a lot less problems, db for club members are upgrading bands as strength increases and we should take delivery of those very soon.

Pick below is of Lerryn when the tide is at its highest, certainly gets the best shots.

October planning is done, - will change!!!! - those who attend on a Sunday can now pick their favourite walk done so far for a return adventure .


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