April 2017

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, less nordic Walking in the dark which means nordic walkers generally increase their hours and miles planting this poles.

Re-juvinate the look of your poles with a new pair of Lesu boots, have a change of colour and be seen, plant more effectively with the all terrain 'boot' for your pole - its the 'paw with a lot more!' and it lasts up to 5 times longer than some other types of paws and is fun and funky!!

With the ground constantly changing from soft, muddy and firm at this time of year we can avoid the constant paw change or annoying 'click clack' of the spikes, keeping hands clean, remember you can't always see with the naked eye what your poles have been planting in…!!!!!

available here


or go for the led type, same grip, same wearability, only when it gets dark you have a multi colour flashing led system


Lesu Boots are part of the patented 'Shocks' fitness System - by Lesu fitness innovation