April 2019


It was Beamfit – Nordic Walking and Bluebellss in abundance last weekend with our Nordic Walkers form the Capital visiting for a long weekend holiday.
Staying in cosy warm Log Cabins we started bright and early each morning visiting andNordic Walking the Legends of Cornwalland ancient, historic sights.
Golitha Falls, Dozmary Pool, Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Moor, Doublebois and River Fowey, Lost Gardens of Helligan, Talland Bay and Liskeard – a full weekend with fun, catch ups and smiles all of the way. Joined by Jill, Sue and Cynthia form Cornwall on various days it was also where strangers become friend again and we welcomed a new NWUK qualification with Clare completing her course.
A fantastic time with fantastic people and what Nordic Walking is all about.
Want to join in and change your life? – Contact me now – nothing to lose at all ….

Easter is now done, the hot weather seems also done for a while, hopefully you got out and enjoyed it while it lasted! BUT remember there is no such thing as the wrong weather……its wearing the wrong clothing that makes the difference, it is not that often that UK weather will inhibit your outdoor exercise.
So the nag is….get out and improve your life, have fun and don't put it off to tomorrow, the hardest part of fitness and the most testing is taking that first step, once you have done this you will very quickly adopt a routine where it becomes a pert of your life .
So take the first step with Nordic walking, try a taster session and take it from there…

This weekend in Doublebois we have MT Nordic Walkers visiting Cornwall, Mt Nordic Walkers are made up of our clubs pre relocation in London, Battersea, the Village and Homerton. We will be Nordic Walking Bodmin Moorr, Helligan and the South West Coastal Path, we have a new member in the group, but the group as a whole are vastly experienced and have been on Nordic Walking trips to The Inca Trail in Peru, the Alps in Chamonix, Dartmoor, The black mountains of South Wales, the Alps in Chamonix, France - Seville and Carmona in Spain and also Barbados, Nordic Walking brings achievement, membership, fun, friends and good times whist improving your fitness….give it a go - become part of the Family!!