February 2020

2 days into March and the 400 going well, it should be for the second day!! Staying ahead the curve to build up miles so aiming to achieve more than 13 miles per day which is the average mileage to reach the target. The end of the month does seem to be a ling way off right now, however the just giving page has seen donations at 25% of the target of £750…..a HUGE thank you to those who have donated so far, I will check at Hoburne Doublebois office tomorrow where a sponsorship form is also in place, we do need some decent weather to get more of the Golfers out and about though.

Original plan was to do two sessions per day to build up the miles, however at the moment getting the target in a single visit.

Personal target at moment is to get to 200, the half way point and also hopefully donations will increase, remember ANY AMOUNT will make a difference……….BIG THANK YOU TO ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE - not only for the research but when I am working on the miles


bee kind T - not in your face logo which will spread a smile from person to person, be infectious, spread the smiles and make people think………………….

In support of Cancer Research this MARCH i will be completing 400 Miles, a half marathon distance each day consisting of Rowing, cycling, running and Nordic Walking, ANY amount of a donation is very much appreciated and welcome, just giving at....

Tis the next adventure walk! - Starting at Doublebois Lesu HQ - we will take a meandering route through the Cornish countryside before crossing over to the old A 38 and on down to Mole Valley Farmers for breakfast/Sunday lunch.

Returning via Dobwalls all - in - all a distance of approx 6 miles, get in, get nordic walking and lets get it done!!

After delaying this months adventure walk due to recent storms yesterday it was completed by Doublebois polers, an excellent route form Millpool in Looe , via Talland Bay and the SW Coastal path it encompasses all that beautiful Cornwall has to offer. Probably the most difficult walk in our programme with a steep and contest ascent and gains and losses in height on the coast, it was also coupled with deep and slippery mud, at some points ice like and others trying to suck your boots off!

Rachel, Kevin, Anne and Gillian did a great job, it was all gr8 fun and a fantastic challenge that everyone completed - an 8 miler where its not the distance, but terrain which made the difference.

Well earned Fish and Chips in Looe with a piping hot cup of tea completed a great day of adding adventurous tales many sessions of storytelling in the future….



MARCH 400....da,da,da...!!
TUG is raising money to help Cancer Research UK


Read TUG's storyTUG is raising money to help Cancer Research UK


You will be seeing more of our Nordic Walker, designed to go on the green and red heart T's it has now grown into an individual in its own right. A simple logo for a sport that is simple to learn, but gives maximum effect

Due to Storm Dennis the Looe Loop Adventure Nordic walk is now a week later on Sunday 23rd, this has also had the knock on effect of the Fat Boys Breakfast walk being moved a week later - all info dates and times are on the booking system in diary of walks, list our Nordic Walking site, click above to go

Our latest fitness T's combine a healthy part beat reading with the heart and walker - green and red heart T's exclusive design, a simple logo that requires no words - check them and more out at the T button above

We are really proud to have been a small part of this amazing team at Hoburne, raising money year on year and punching far above their weight for the amount compared to the small work force, Led by Liz and Mick Griffiths they raise the bar each year with various events, the Hoburne team on view L2 R are

DEC, ARTHUR, JO AND KERI, MICK AND LIZ HOLDING THE CHQ - well done guys and good luck for beating it 2020 - 2021!!!

If you have been motivated to make a donation - watch this space for Lesu's March event, our month in the year where we do our best to support


Adventure Walk 02.2020 - Looe Loop - Looe - Talland Bay and SW Coastal Path



BY REQUEST - we are happy to show off our new LESU T - with beamers and nordic walkers logos it shows you belong, looks cool and is a green, sustainable product

So its the end of the first month of the year and as normal a lot of people who had good intentions for changing their lives have probably already failed.January is a long, long month, we all have extra bills, its dark nights and mornings and it was only a few weeks ago we were celebrating the festive season - we come down to earth quickly with the realisation that it is all remaining the same……………

Well it doesnt have to be - now that January is over it is easier to be more realistic with how we want to improve our fitness……….

At LESU we have had an increase in Beamfit members and started an extra class on a Saturday morning, we have also trained 3 more people over the month in Nordic walking and they are NWUK members and joined our Thursday group, all of the new people whoo have joined with us have been realistic and we would rather have an increase of people who are long term than a huge influx of people who have fallen by the end of January

Large gyms are good if the is what you want, however take a look around, a local fitness class will probably be suited more to your needs and will have more people there like you, with this in common you will become part of a group and have more of a chance to achieve and remain - it will also be more cost effective..

If you want to try something new, meet new people, make new friends, have fun, improve your life and become fitter, we can help you do this at LESU with nordic Walking or Beamfit, if you want to be more personalised there's Personal Training, Deep tissue massage treatments and also Hot stones massage treatments


Its the LESU 'GREEN ECO SUN RISING' T - now available in the T's and hoods store, a reminder to keep the sun rising over us we have to think eco…….


Increasing the adventure – increasing the fun in 2020 with an adventure walk planned every 3 weeks. Back in October when the year was being planned out it was mentioned it would be gr8 if it was a frosty crisp day – well it turned out to be just that, no wind, clear blue sky over Dartmoor and firm frozen ground. The walk started off on a frosty Sunday morning from Two Bridges and across the moor, taking in a few tors on the way, everyone also having time to stop and ‘take it all in’
On return it was a Sunday lunch in the hotel, a seat next to a log fire and a drink. – Fantastic day with a gr8 group of Nordic Walkers, this walk is what the sport is all about!!
Next planned walk is Looe loop, if yo want to get fit, have fun, meet new people, get NWUK taster session done to see what its all about, complete the course so you can do what its al about and you are done!


5e2140e6483625.12887056_44171099_1080xauto Never settle for anything less than epic - that's why we've released this bang on-trend LESU ECO GREEN RISING SUN. And best of all, it's printed on demand in a renewable energy powered factory. The simplicity of this design makes it ideal for every occasion, and looks great under a hoodie or a shirt. Ready to ship now with UK next day delivery available when you order before 1pm. CLICK - T's AND HOODS

A big part of enjoying what the fitness industry has to offer as an instructor in any exercise is the meeting of people – and a sense of pride when you see them improving and achieving goals. The pics below are of Doublebois Beamers Thursday club and the Xmas re union of Londons MT Nordic Walking club, EVERYONE in the pics has achieved and also continue to improve, they have met new people, made new friends and improved their wellbeing, from the banks of the River Thames in London to the Beamers House @Hoburnedoublebois its ‘All been done with a sense of fun’ img_4431img_4398

A big part of enjoying what the fitness industry has to offer as an instructor in any exercise is the meeting of people – and a sense of pride when you see them improving and achieving goals.
The pics below are of Doublebois Beamers Thursday club and the Xmas re union of Londons MT Nordic Walking club, EVERYONE in the pics has achieved and also continue to improve, they have met new people, made new friends and improved their wellbeing, from the banks of the River Thames in London to the Beamers House @Hoburnedoublebois its
‘All been done with a sense of fun’

SO! We are well in to January and every day the TV, papers, radio and newspaper have a different diet, a different exercise routine with a different celeb - and in mid Jan we start to get the tv series and/or book to go along with it, far be it from me to be a little cynical but, is it obviously a massive money making exercise?

Well as an advocate of 'if it works for you" then there is no problem, however you can spend an awful lot of your hard earned pennies trying to find what does work for you, and the larger companies know this.

Yes this is the time of year when we look at our lives and we really, really want to get fitter, to feel better and look healthy, we may have an aim of walking a distance or training for a marathon , targets are individual, but they must be achievable or we will be 'set to fail' before we have started.

BASIC GUIDE….. Only change TWO things a week, and make it simple…..one diet item and one fitness.

EG - if you smoke, simply cut down by one cigarette per week and go for a 15 minute brisk walk

If you take sugar in tea or coffee - cut it down gradually by 1/4 spoon per week and do 10 standing squats per day

The above are only simple examples, but it is how we work at LESU with clients, WHY? Because it works, it is gradual, we change slowly so the body does not feel deprived or that it is working too hard.

Obviously we all have various fitness levels and goals, so each change will vary person to person.

You can get started today by writing your own fitness/diet diary, before we make any changes we have to monitor and record what we do, this way it is controlled and you are in charge, get a small note book, carry it with you for a week, write at the front all of your food including drinks, at the back make a not of your exercise, how far you walk, stairs done, any physical activity as well as any exercise

After a week you can then start to make 2 changes per week

After 5 weeks do another weekly diary

After 10 weeks do it again

Now turn to the front pages and notice the difference!!

If you want to have the guidance remember you can complete your Nordic Walking NWUK course with us, try a taster session first - we have two Beamfit (pilates based) exercise classes per week and Personal aTrining includes indoor and outdoor work, consider a 10 week programme

Meeting new people is a gr8 way of keeping up your exercise, Nordic Walking and Beamfit are group based, Personal Training is tailored to you as an individual and we give you the expertise to manage your lifestyle in a far better way.

The choices are yours, its your life, you steer it the way you want, any ?'s let me know - click the contact link,

In the meantime below is the lates NILQUIP LBT workout sheet issued to our Beamers this week, simple, full body and fun workout - costs nothing - do it at home 0 get fitter, fell better, look good!