February 2021

And planning ahead this week, including trips to Wales and Jersey - Wales is our postponed trip form last year and who would have thought it would take place the day that has been announced for the full unlock! Jersey is September and timed so that we catch the end of the summer sun, it will be a trip of both our Cornwall and London members as is Wales

Nordic walks are now on the calendar up to June - Doublebois sunday clubs adventure walks take off again - taster sessions and also courses to suit - all we need now is for us all to be able to stick to the dates announced by Boris - WE ARE ALL SET FOR TAKE OFF!!!

We have also this week become ambassadors for Lean Food Tabs - a 5 day diet plan which is sooo simple - click the tab for all of the information - as 'R' rates come down we all hope it continues, we need to get back to socialising, meeting up and living again…

stay safe and take care


In preparation for our outdoor and indoor fitness sessions we have updated our par q to show covid vaccination dates, this is to re assure and help keep safe clients. At the moment it is not a stopper if the vaccine has not been given, however the day will some where if someone has not had the vaccine then they will not be able to take part.

I think spring is trying really hard to shine through at the moment, we are getting a little bit of blue sky and it makes us all feel more positive especially with R rates coming down - possibly now is the time to get the poles ready for Nordic walking, it may be small steps at first with club and small group meetings, but it will be a start - I think Boris will be covering this on the 22nd and we will at least have a re stat date.

This weekend in our store we have a buy one T and you will stop 1kg of plastic destined for our oceans, we should as covid eases turn our attentions more to mother earth and helping her - she in turn helps us.

Next weeks programme is below, the take 10 is part of db fit clubs February challenge in where we took 10 minutes each day as me time and just sat - or lay down and relaxed listening to our favourite music - tis is the last week of the challenge - above all take extra care AND stay safe


So the half term holidays approach fast and already we have people visiting the SW and staying at their holiday homes!! We are so close right now to getting to the end of this lock down and we still have idiots who don't seem to know the rules - people who are ignorant because the want to be!! I just hope those that know do the right thing, mind you a £200 fine from Cornwall council is pathetic - it should be a prison sentence…

And we also have this week celebs jumping on a video to get the government to spend money on bailing out gyms to save the nations health, apparently during covid we have all become obese and lethargic and we need to get the nation fit and in focus by getting them to the gym - well I do support the message, HOWEVER….. if anyone thinks that after covid the nation are going to go to gyms they are wrong - yer there will be a big influx of joiners, but after a couple of months also a big influx of leavers, if more people were going to improve fitness it has to be now, it has been the past 10 months when fitness should have been encouraged and more support should have been there for the pro 'doing on line fitness, tis would have had soooo many benefits - I wrote a blog on this a couple of months ago saying people needed to get a grip in 21 otherwise they will miss the boat - well now they probably have

Doublebois fitness club are an example of what could have been done and there are also other fit pro's who changed there business model to survive and have also done great things, on line fitness is not now here for covid - it is here forever and i spreads the word of fitness, makes it easier to do, is more cost effective and benefits the nation, fitness is not gyms, fitness is people having fun

db fitness club - 6 days a week - daily chat on whats app - daily music - weekend quiz - monthly challenge - fitness clinic - free equipment

As everyone now starts to look forward to some sort of 'un locking' we are all ready to go at a few hours notice to get back to Nordic Walking clubs, tasters and courses and already we are thinking about trips in the future. On line is here to stay, it will not be replaced and it is certainly seen as the future by us at Lesu.

Here is next weeks programme…