January 2021

As we all wait for our 'Jab' we all also wait to move on with life from whatever normal is to whatever normal is…………in store we have our latest 'T' which says it all…….

db Fitness club January challenge has just ended, the challenge did not include any of the fitness classes, Dianne who is one of the members kept the figures which are below. They had to stay active between 8am - 8pm every day, and had various hourly moves/exercises to complete - the aims were many, the outcome is they are all achievers - well done everyone - awesome!!!
Well job done
for 372 hours of January We have done a movement/exercise- 12 hours per day for 31 days - I have managed not miss a hour - been close a couple of times (hope some of u have too) - it has been a challenge - but We have done it
we should be very proud to have conquered “THE JANUARY CHALLENGE “

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The 3rd week in January is said to be the most depressing around the world - and that is pre covid - cb fitnesses club have shown how important mental fitness is with a fantastic approach during the month. A diet 'Move' challenge has helped keep the focus and although spread around the country they have worked together, offering support and importantly humour.

The challenge was that form 8am - 8 pm they had to move each hour, basically not allowed to not move for 60 mins, they used the Lesu app to keep records, some used mobiles and others the ld fashioned remembering - no matter what techniques, doing a fw chair sits in meetings squats making a cup of tea was common place. The back at work behind desks have now introduced this into their work and have sid the difference in concentration is better when not now sitting down for extended periods

More figure will be on the blog when I receive them from the guys over the weekend, all in all the aim of getting through January and getting good habits has been smashed - WELL DONE members of db Fitness Club!!!

Weekly programme below for next week

Oh and this weekend it's FREE HOME DELIVERY on all T's and Hoods in the store - go ketone, look good and feel good.

This weekend uni midnight Sunday it't buy one and plant one tree for free and to celebrate we have our new 'ONE' T in store, same high quality design, deliberately 'under' stated - DELIBERATELY COOL..!!

weekly programme - on line - on time - and always here to support you on your fitness journey - guarantee we will make you happier, more relaxed, more focussed and healthier

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S0 , Personal Trainers are appealing to the public to stay local with fitness - for on line and all things fitness - yes this is what is needed we can all agree with that - the appeal goes out in the media as the public are signing up for free sessions with celebrities, wether or not qualified they have a huge market - after all it's free!

Let's get this right - the celebrities are not doing it for the public - they are getting paid by sponsors and for advertising and they are keeping their public profile in the news.

By the time you become a Personal trainer you have probably studied for 3 years - then some become advanced PT's and then on to Advanced Fitness Instructor - the next level would be a Sports Science Degree - take away the degree and it is still up to 5 years of study - along the way various courses are completed and the fitness instructor finds a 'niche' - an area they want to target .

As you do these courses we come across various organisations who we join - - it is far easier to give out funds than bring money in.

Ok have the picture? Todays PT is a highly qualified individual and it is largely up to them to get and keep the population fit/fittter - no government in the world is going to do it - SO WHY OH WHY ARE SOME STILL OFFERING FREE SESSIONS??? The public are not stupid, they will pay for a product advertised correctly and delivered by a professional where the feel safe and confident

I am afraid over the years the freebies have led to a lowering of the public expectations and realisations of how qualified a fitness instructor is. If a free offer is there it should be for an inducement, an encouragement to get someone through the door so we take them on a journey to improve their life - but going FREE to keep up the numbers, or whatever the reason is both detrimental to the fitness industry and the public.

A few years ago I was at a fitness conference for a sport I instruct and when I expressed my concerns at the advertising of FREE sessions it was commented that "Oh you are one of those, we get a lot of PT's like you who always want something in return" It is this attitude that has opened the door to celebrities and their following, the mass FREE park runs and the lack of control, care and development that can be found with a fitness professional who is there for the public and also so called cowboy instructors who have no qualifications or industry memberships

Yes I am 'one of those, I will always be, I also look after my clients both individually and as a group, I worked hard to get and maintain my qualifications and expertise and I charge because I want to be able to continue to do so.

The above thoughts are my own - if you do not like them……..you are a celebrity…….go do your stuff, we will do ours!!!!

Tug Wilson


Online classes going from strength to strength - members increasing - fitness increasing BUT, above all the fun is increasing - this ensures that the fitness happens naturally, where people have fun - THEY DO NOT REALISE THEY ARE GETTING FITTER!!! We will continue with our belief that this is the way to go, all we ask of you is - COME AND GIVE IT A GO!! We guarantee that after a month you will have changed your life for the better in so many ways, made new friends, had a laugh, got fitter and you will wake up looking forward to the day

Any ?'s at all give me a call


07932 879786

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We are here - and it's almost a year! We will be here this time next year, Covid or when it's gone Fitness in your own space is here to stay, we have members taking part at home, at work in the garden at times that suit them, live or with a link later. No travelling, no waiting for equipment and in the company of a group of people who have become friendS. Members of the same whats app group, in daily contact with one another through music and interests, how many fitness club members wish happy birthday, happy anniversary to one another, offer advice or ask how someone is if they miss a few sessions? db Fitness club is SO MUCH MORE THAN A FITNESS CLUB - it is your club and how it develops comes from the members, no joining or membership fee, stop when you want.

Monthly challenges keep you focussed, enjoy a free on line clinic to discuss and be prescribed self treatments, get a free loan of equipment and get a FREE Lesu Turtle fitness bag. We are focussed on you, mental and physical health and fitness, so you can focus on your life….with over 700 classes completed on line - we look forward to the next 700 and completing them with you….




db fit club are into day 9 of the January challenge - 'JUST MOVE' - from 8am to 8pm they must move every hour and are not allowed to remain still for 60 mins, this is governed by the rule of 5's - exercise for 5 seconds, move 5 metres, do 5 repetitions - they also complete a food diary, all designed to keep moving and develop good habits - some are using the Lesu app, some pencil and paper, whatever way works is all good - db fit club is the place to have fun, work in a group, meet new people and make new friends - oh did I mention fitness? - well that happens naturally...as it should

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Yes I know I am starting to sound like an old gramophone record!! If you are reading this and you DO NOT do fitness then you must be thinking about it - STOP thinking and do something now - start by going for a 30 minute walk - or if you do not want to venture outdoors do a dozen gentle squats - whichever way you want to………

Here is Lesu's programme for next week - no Nordic walking for now - all indoors - all virtual and it's cost effective - any more info required let me know - STAY EXTRA SAFE - TAKE EXTRA CARE!!


It may have been bleak and cold - well below minus with wind chill - but it was yet another excellent Nordic walk with db Polers club on Sunday. A gr8 example of how far and fast fitness levels improve with the use of poles. It was led by Kevin who was completing his NWUK leaders training - the route, planning and execution of the session was first class and the day thoroughly enjoyed by all in an adventurous, but safe manner - now we re set the alarm clock for the next adventure - just as soon as current lockdown allows, we have only paused…..db fit club are waiting to pounce!!!!

So back to another lockdown – it’s time to re focus to remain positive, worry about what you have control of and not get your nickers in a twist over stuff you cannot control. Our on line fitness is here to stay at Lesu – we were one of the first to start daily classes way back in March, some are switching from one to the other as lockdowns come and go, but we are constant – on line fitness is here to stay so stop messing about, stop moaning, stop putting obstacles in the way, get a grip and take charge of your life, grab your socks and pull them up yourself, get focussed, get confident, meet new people, make new friends, relax and smile……..it’s a better way to live

It was the first Nordic walk of the year - and initial a very slippy one!! We started at 0930 living Doublebois for our hill route, just a cosy group with Doreen, Alan and myself, but it was well worth it especially when the sun got to the ice and we were able to drive the poles better with improved traction - Sunday is Kevins Burrator and with the population of Devon seemingly wanting to go for walks all at the same time we will be arriving at 9am for a 9.30 start, looking forward to this one…