January 2022

As we start February we close what has been a great month for Lesu - this is all down to the continued achievements of the Nordic walkers, db Fitness club and this doing PT - with January a quiet month for fitness to has been anything but.

January challenge was completes and Februarys has Isometric chest as a daily exercise

We expanded and improved our store and ALL of the prices are lower, new items are being added almost daily -


We continue into 22 and have increased our Nordic Walking 'Family' by 3 - the dbFit Club have raised the bar and all are continuing with Januarys daily challenge, the classes have raised the bar and NILQUIP Mondays is aimed at endurance and strength

We have 3 new people personal training all is gr8 for 22, BUT so many people who were deep in though about starting a fitness regime are still thinking and as time goes by during the start of the year more an more will 'miss the boat'

Undoubtedly the most difficult part of improving fitness is the initial contact, taking the step forward and asking - it is not easy - take a breath, stride forward for success - once this hurdle is done - you will find it all easier.

There are so many sports, so many fitness classes that your journey initially is about finding what you like to do, what you can have fun with ad what suits your pocket and lifestyle - If walking a dog is your thing, then go for it - if the gym is your thing, then go for it - everyone has the potential for improvement - everyone is an achiever!

Fowey Hbr to Coombe Farm - db Thursday club - Doreen-Sandra - Lorraine - Diane

db Polers Sunday Club - Kathy - Kevin - Tug - Gary - Alan - Sandra - Martin