March 2020

For a lot of business' its been all change and this will continue for some time, home exercise is huge at the moment, its about all we can do besides outdoors being advised for an hour per day and around where you live.

Where you can use you garden, open windows for the fresh air, if you do walk, stick to government guidelines and also make it a sprightly, faster pace to elevate the heart rate a little

Don't try to come out of the crisis as a super fit superhuman, do exercise with the main aim being to have fun, raising the heart rate slightly, getting out of breath is good, include stretching and mobilisation

The internet is swamped with classes of all descriptions - find what you enjoy and done be afraid of dipping in and out of some to 'give it a go'

We stopped our Nordic Walking and beamfit classes ahead of the government lock down for the safety of our client family and others, a difficult decision after building gr8 groups, however we are still in touch with all and this week more,

Each morning we have on Whats app an exercise of the day, song and comedy clip of the day - we now also have 6 exercise classes per week, each lasting for 30 minutes, classes are designed for any age, any fitness level and kept to 30 mins with the aim of sociable fun for everyone.

Mon - 10am - NILQUIP
Tue - 2pm - BEAMFIT
Wed - 2pm - NILQUIP
Thur - 7pm - BEAMFIT
Fri - 7pm - NILQUIP
Sat - 10am - Beamfit

Stay safe everyone, don't overdo the news on the virus, watch government announcements, and some news channels, but get a break - watch tv, movies and listen to music, also sit, chill out where you can and relax.

Our songs of the day link is below - and is music for everyones tastes

Take care and be safe

Tug and Bibi


All nordic walking , Beamfit, PT and treatments ar enow suspended by Lesu - we will continue to be in contact with all of our clients via our what's app groups.

We will be taking no new clients or members

Hoping Lesu is still here when all this is over so we can re build and go again

Finally…I am really looking forward to the day I can welcome back all of my Nordic Walkers and Beamers with a great big group hug




As the virus increases its grip on everything we know and it squeezes into a strangle hold it is time fo ros to loosen ours


Take a breath in and slowly breathe out when you feel tense, control youR agitation, and think about your response, smile, say hello, communicate with one another. Think good thoughts - look for the good in everyone, be relaxed, be positive, be helpful and kind.


Just be as active as you can, don't just sit and watch tv, stay as mobile as you can, drink plenty of fluids to keep focussed and hydrated, don't plan on becoming a super indoor athlete, google stretching, google spinal mobilisation, google breathing exercises, there's a lot of info out there. If you can use your garden its the time of year where we can start to prepare, take your time and enjoy


Normal life is complicated enough, don't over complicate, take each day at a time, be safe, take care


There's a theme here…….see them all

The past few sessions we have gone 'back to basics' and re visited where it all started.

Matt pilates sessions and then leading to Gymstick pilates, slower tempo, calmer , intense and relaxing at the same time. Concentration and focus, balance improving.

Matt Epilated is something as a club we revisit, primarily a beaming club it is noticeable that the regulars have good core strength and balance are are quickly able to adapt.

Its the last gymstick Pilates session this Saturday before we switch it back up form next week

Every session is different, and with requests being taken the class is largely planned by members

BEAMFIT takes place every Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 10am - it could be the future of your fitness - book your place - meet new people - its the place where strangers become friends as we have fun and improve our fitness

Spread the word..look after mother earth..look after one another..


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Staying ahead of the curve I should pass the first 100 miles later today, averaging 18 miles per day should keep me well on target.

I have noticed a change in my rowing technique which has led to an increase in distances being covered, overall fitness is improving too which I want to maintain as if it does 'pan out' it could be a sign of fatigue setting in, and this can lead to injury .

To the advantage of recovery the I am also maintaining getting the distance dome in a single session and not splitting the routines across the day, its all working so far, but really glad that I prepared in Jan/Feb in preparation

BIG thank you to those who have made a donation, it does make a difference to not only the cause, but when I m doing the challenge, mentally its a gr8 motivator.

Ok almost 25% of the way there, cant wait to be blogging when at 100% and completed…!!

Spread the word..look after mother earth..look after one another..