November 2020

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With the REPS organisation clog down - registration with the CIMSPA organisation, logo is below - the organisation for fitness professionals


Next weeks fitness programme is below - whist all days are well attended and looked forward to a couple of highlights will be Yoga based NILQUIP Monday - and Isometrics using our Lesu lastic resistance bands Friday - looking forward to all of the sessions, meeting up with the class on a daily basis. Thos week we have had good fun in class, humorous stories, especially when we had 'The Door' session Wednesday

Lesu premises is now closed down, but we are still here, and still offering our services and programmes as Covid flows us to. The db fit club music compilation "OURS" will be out the next few days and we will then commence our CHRISTMAS daily tracks, cant wait and wont wait!

Putting together a new Lesu concept for January at the moment - it will be 'Desert Island Doublebois' - available to db fit club members through out January.

The Lesu shop will be offering supplements and more equipment soon, watch this space……………………..! The xmas sale is on, check out the Turtle bags special offer in the store, Lesu Lastics are going fast and we are down to our last few sets so be quick to avoid disappointment as I cant see a shipment arriving before the end of the year.

I am putting together the Nordic Walking programme - in the hope that we can operate again within Covid compliance form the 2nd December - again watch this space…………..although I will be e mailing db Nordic Walkers directly

Above all and more importantly stay safe and take care


and a new Cornish Flag!!!!


And 2 weekends are just about done in the second lockdown - where we will be in 2 weeks seems to be in the government's control - but we need to stay in control of our own lives as much as possible, staying prepared, staying in a routine, working on stuff we are in control of and not worrying too much on which we can't.

db fit club stay in control and have been for several months now, we are here to stay, lockdown or not, session take up is increasing and we look forwards to our weeks ahead, take up the db baton, try it out, meet new people and give your life an aim, achieve your goals …

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Half way through the current lockdown - we hope! It is obvious there will be stain areas who can relax a little in a couple of weeks and others tat cannot.

We need to stay in control of those things we can, a way of doing this is to focus on our daily routine and make sure we do things we enjoy - exercise is not all about blood sweat and tears, it needs to be fun and enjoyable. If walking your dog is that, the it's exercise, whats more it is outdoors. Working out in a group scenario is motivational, you meet new and old friends and have a common purpose, db fit club is a gr8 place to start, it's in no waylay about the fitness - it is so much more with interactions away form the sessions. ext weeks programme is below, every day is different and the sessions can be as little as £2.06 each, if you miss one, get the link and join the class in your own time.

We will be here when the covid is done, on line is the future of a lot of things that will change our lives, fitness being one…..stay safe and take care


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Next weeks programme continues with no nordic walking being posted - as soon as the 2nd lockdown was announced I cancelled outdoor sessions, I have spoken to our insurers and we can do 121 sessions in the outdoors, however i am not happy to, it doesn't quite make sense to me when we are being advised to stay at home - if you are travelling for exercise then ensure it is because you have to - there should be less of us driving around - I have also seen several posts on FB and I have to say it is obvious that some are bending rules to fit, no matter what the reason and they are being actively encouraged by some organisations, we should all be together and we are not.

This lockdown will only be a month for most hopefully, when done it should not be seen as a 'badge of honour' that instruction took place. We all have our opinions and decision to make.

Next weeks on line programme is below - our virtual sessions continue and will do so when covid is eventually 'put to bed' - we have new members and we have had some gr8 fun the past week. Continue to take care and stay safe - "STAY FIT IN THE SAFEST WAY YOU CAN"


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