October 2020

Well here we are again!! db polers were due to go on an adventure walk today (Sunday) however with covid not recognising what day it is and the lockdown being Thursday I decided to cancel it - safety of the group members and common sense have to prevail - we will all be back first week of December where i intend the first session being an adventure walk to kick it all off again just before xmas. The first lockdown also happened when we had the same walk planned to Restormel castle, so I may not plan it in for a while!!

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Our on line classes continue and as I have said previously they are here to stay, they are not just a covid thing…on line fitness is here to stay and for many is the future of fitness, have a go at PT with our free weeks course or grab yourself a FREE Lesu turtle fitness bag by joining our on line classes for a month, no joining, just purchase a monthly pass, as always any ?'s just let me know. It's a fitness club aimed t mental wellness first, fitness follow on right behind and the group is the best group I have instructed, in contact with the group on whats app - strangers have become friends.

I have always in the past thought that xmas should not be allowed to be mentioned until the 1st December - BT this year let's get bonfire night out of the way and then get the xmas decs out!! bring it forward and build the atmosphere an extended xmas is jut what we all need……!!!

next weeks programme is attached, amended from previously published due to NW being cancelled - take care and be safe ———Tug


db fit club - we go every day - we have a great group who have become friends - it's for all abilities - it's on line - it's in your time - miss one and get it on a catch up.....https://www.lesufitnessinnovation.com/page-3/page-6/

Its the weekly classes for next weeks programme and also the Nordic Walking for November.

Nordic walking sessions may change at short notice and the Lostwithiel adventure may change to Burrator, if this happens Lostwithiel will be the very next avenger we will do. The Sunday Polers club now have alternate weeks at Doublebois, one adventure a month (3hrs) with normal time sessions (1.5hrs) out and about.

Friday morning club is having a rest as I am planning on changing the day if required as we get new joiners, we can then have a midweek club meeting that suits everyone, I also plan on the midweek group having the same programme as the Sunday

Kevin is well into his Leaders course right now, he will be taking various sessions with the Sunday Polers Club.

As I programme month ahead, the adventure walks ar done up to the end of the year, the on line classes are the same and our policy is that if you are ging to be in any of the classes then they will take place, early morin worm catchers for Jan1st 2021 at 7,30am - how many takers??????

Nordic walking next year will also see a longer walk take place with the Sunday club, probably a 6 hr session where we can get more miles under the belt and take along a packed lunch, these are planned form the spring time, but it is all weather and numbers permitting - this is a plan form 2020, ut it was shelved with Covid making it's appearance. Check out the programmes - and any?'s give me a shout - tae care and be safe, make it a good week - make it yours!!!


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Pics from Doublebois Poles Sunday club Nordic walk at Golitha falls.

This is our shortest walk of only 1.25 miles, however with the terrain and a slower pace it took 54 minutes, a Nordic walk which is more for the mental fitness than physical, also one of the most scenic routes I have ever walked.

Golitha falls was back in the days of Tin mines the area where wood was coppiced for the production of charcoal.

Tug - Gary - Kevin - Alan.

Next weeks programme, keeping it all varied see us switch to using our doors for RESIST! on Wednesday and the Turtle comes out to play with the Beamers Thursday, a programme change our to an appointment means Worm catchers takes place a day earlier (Thursday) With Doublebois Polers bringing out the gymsticks it's another fun packed week of classes….click the buttons on the right and join us, there is something for everyone

In these times we all have a week where we look forward to it finishing, when we have this it's a good time to wind it all down, reel it all in and have a good 'Me time session' - Doublebois fit club do just tat every Saturday at 10 am with the Saturday stretch class, we open up the tissues - gently fire up the muscles - mobilise the joints and supercharge the body with air. Come and join us, be part of a group, grab the 'Me time' and make it yours…….. click 'ON LINE GYM AND FITNESS CLASSES'

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New week and new restrictions as Covid takes hold for the winter, watching too much news and trying to stay informed and up to date can have the opposite effect, if all end up thinking about is Covid, then it can be a path to bad mental health, tac a break, don't watch all of the news,, watch a regular daily slot for information to stay in date, but not all day, I have even started to with channels if I am watching during the day, it gives me back control, and we need to be in control of our lives.

Doublebois fit club started to use fitness resistance bands last week and had a new NILQUIP session Monday - to keeps fitness sessions varied and fun, it is how life should be, our daily fitness classes are first fo rental wellness, the physical fitness will follow, the virtual classes have built a cohesive group of people from around the country, who work together as a team, greet one another, say good-bye and ask one another how they are as well as having laughs along the way, some have never met one another before but anyone watching the class take place would not think so.

Join or group, give it a week and you will be coming back for more, it's varied fitness, it's kept fun and it is the future of fitness, it's here to stay. Work out in your home, bring the class to your home and if you miss a session you can catch up with it later.

check out our on line gym on the tabs (right) - click on line classes and follow the gym catch system, a booking system which keeps you in control - check out our personal training - and give the week FREE course a hit.

Keeping the gym outdoors in a socially distancing way is Nordic Walking - Doublebois Polers club an be joined on completion of the NWUK course, try a taster session first to see what it's all about - we have all the angles covered, we can build a fitness programme to suit you, we are here for advice, we are here to give you direction and ensure you are safe.

For more info give me a call, lets have a chat 07932 879786, or e mail lesufitness@gmail.com - help and advice costs nothing, it is the most difficult step to take when you decide to move to a new direction in your life……

Above all stay safe, take care, take a deep breathe in and focus - go again - stay determines - stay in control


We progress and make gains on gains every week with Doublebois fit club - very evident this week when we introduced resistance bands to the Thursday Beamfit class - centre line core fitness was huge, balance and core engagement being taken to the next level showing that heavy weight is not required to improve core stability. Last Sunday Doublebois Polers Nordic walking club had a very soggy session form Golitha Falls to Sibleyback lake, more like December than October - this Sunday Theresa returns, arctic fitness training with a tyre clipped onto our back packs

As lockdowns increase we are open for our on line classes, daily sessions 6 days a week, take a peek!!!!

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