For a lot of business' its been all change and this will continue for some time, home exercise is huge at the moment, its about all we can do besides outdoors being advised for an hour per day and around where you live.

Where you can use you garden, open windows for the fresh air, if you do walk, stick to government guidelines and also make it a sprightly, faster pace to elevate the heart rate a little

Don't try to come out of the crisis as a super fit superhuman, do exercise with the main aim being to have fun, raising the heart rate slightly, getting out of breath is good, include stretching and mobilisation

The internet is swamped with classes of all descriptions - find what you enjoy and done be afraid of dipping in and out of some to 'give it a go'

We stopped our Nordic Walking and beamfit classes ahead of the government lock down for the safety of our client family and others, a difficult decision after building gr8 groups, however we are still in touch with all and this week more,

Each morning we have on Whats app an exercise of the day, song and comedy clip of the day - we now also have 6 exercise classes per week, each lasting for 30 minutes, classes are designed for any age, any fitness level and kept to 30 mins with the aim of sociable fun for everyone.

Mon - 10am - NILQUIP
Tue - 2pm - BEAMFIT
Wed - 2pm - NILQUIP
Thur - 7pm - BEAMFIT
Fri - 7pm - NILQUIP
Sat - 10am - Beamfit

Stay safe everyone, don't overdo the news on the virus, watch government announcements, and some news channels, but get a break - watch tv, movies and listen to music, also sit, chill out where you can and relax.

Our songs of the day link is below - and is music for everyones tastes

Take care and be safe

Tug and Bibi