At last we have lighter nights and at last we have warmer days - or is it the rain is not as cold! db fit family continue to raise the bar with the day classes and for those who can't make twelve daily sessions its press and play at a time to suit them, we now even have 'binge' exercisers at the weekends - db polers tour Cornwall a twice a week basis and are certainly enjoying the 'Lack' of mud! We have our second leader with Sandra being NWUK qualified - we also look forward to welcoming our London nordic walkers to SW - the have a holiday coming up in May and we will have a mixture of walkers on some of our favourite and best routes - below are a fe highlights since the last blog post - stay safe and get out and have fun!!


The week is ending with more high winds and rain - a lot of our Cornish members were badly affected and some still are with no power until Sunday afternoon at the earliest - Thursday saw us between storms on a strangely tranquil day at Lerryn, where we completed our inner loop.

Saturday stretch class was total requests and a big class navigated through a power outage to complete a classic 'one and only' session - Exerstrider poles are now back in stock and in the shop - just click the tab.

Sundays Nordic walk is planned to be our own '3 peaks route' at Minions, it may be altered due to weather conditions, but is going to go ahead , as the end of February approaches we can start to plan for spring and our March programme of nordic walking for the Thursday and Sunday groups.

Stay safe, get out and about and choose fitness for happiness

As we start February we close what has been a great month for Lesu - this is all down to the continued achievements of the Nordic walkers, db Fitness club and this doing PT - with January a quiet month for fitness to has been anything but.

January challenge was completes and Februarys has Isometric chest as a daily exercise

We expanded and improved our store and ALL of the prices are lower, new items are being added almost daily -