May 10, 2019
Is this weekend finally seeing the end of cold winds, rain and cloudy skies?
Its warming up again according to the weather forecasters, good news for the outdoor fitness, good news for Nordic Walking – we all know that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, its the wrong clothing….BUT it does wear a bit thin sometimes when every Nordic Walk you do is in the dark with rain, it is Gr8 to get the shorts and t shirts on and plant the poles a sunny day.
Now is also the time to have a re think about our routes, distance and times that we do, its time to tweak our fitness regime, give it new life and prevent the body levelling out, always aim for progression, change your plan every 12 weeks or so if in a regular pattern, or even easier as a nordic walker make every session different, increase distance and go slower, decrease distance and go faster, it all works, keeps the mind focussed and the body working, keep it fun and make the best of any good weather we get and get out planting!!