February 2019


Start of dat 6 and total steps so far are at 121,212 - the total month target for March is 600,000 steps which is apron 300 miles

I have been doing extra each day to stay ahead of the curve on total steps, currently I have gained a day - this is to get to target quickly, just aiming for the 20,000 steps per day may not be achieved due to injury later

Currently each day I am out nordic walking at 7am - Its good to aim to get close to 10,000 steps, daily activities and taking out Nordic Walkers and then in the evening the day is topped up with a treadmill.

Hopefully I can continue this until the full target of 600,000 are achieved.

for a quick guide

1 mile is approx 2,000 steps
1 km is approx 1300 steps

this is a good guide if you do not have a device to count your steps, no need to go and buy one, use your smart phone for daily steps counting and also stairs climbed

Pasted Graphic




Pasted Graphic

I could have aimed for 10,000 steps a day -but if you are setting a target!!!!

I am going to complete 20,000 steps every day during the month of march in aid of cancer research, obviously to raise money that will go towards curing the cancer disease and also to get my spring training regime up and off the ground.

I don't have cancer and thankfully all of my friends, family do not, however 3 years ago I was suspected of having lung cancer, it wasn't thankfully - but for a couple of weeks your life gets put into perspective and you have many thoughts wizzing around inside your head. SO - we knew it was the right time to change our lives, we left many fantastic clients behind in London, Nordic Walkers, personal Training, and treatment -BUT locating to Cornwall has proven to be the right decision without a doubt - Loved it in London, but Loving life in the deep South West.

Hopefully the amount I raise will make a difference for someone in the future who did not have the same news as myself .

So form tomorrow I will be planting Poles, squashing Lemons even more, I will place regular updates for progress, say a prayer for no injuries and get cracking.
Oh and if you want to do the same…get cracking too!!



Doublebois polers logo

THIS SUNDAY 1000 - 1130……..Doublebois Polers Club very first meeting - the past few weeks we have newly qualified Nordic Walkers and we now launch the Doublebois polers club every Sunday.
Meeting point is Hoburne Doublebois in the games room (old theatre)

Toilets - free parking in the Golfers car park and also a good coffee machine available - we have other days and times for the club planned when the clocks go forward - we guarantee we can plan a time and day that suits you.

Want to join in the fun?? Then contact me for a FREE taster session to see what its all about - we supply equipment for the session and course

Watch out - more Nordic walkers about = this Sunday and every Sunday

Starting a new fitness class of any description can be daunting for both the instructor and those who are attending - however once established it can become an integral pert of everyone's life. The class quickly becomes a group with its own personality, everyday life is left behind, and the focus becomes the group or 'Club' - not just physical fitness, Strangers become Friends and weekly catch ups can be heard before and after the session has both started and finished.

Fitness is NOT just the hard graft effort you out in to your workout……..Fitness is about your WHOLE life, relationships, work, money, children, and in this 'circle' is also the physical aspect….'Fitness'

Being fit, especially in a group or club setting can enhance your life immeasurably - quite simply….


As the winter nights leave us think about and then plan what you can do, check the local press, google for local classes, if the gym is your thing then go along and check it out, if walking your dog is your thing go at times in the park and country side where there is a cafe so you meet others, physical fitness should be about fun, no pain no gain days are over -


Want to know more? txt - e mail - message - call
Come and try a taster Nordic Walking Session - Beamfit class - Boot Camp
Tailored to suit - Personal Training


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click the link - change your life!!

Spring is in the air!! Time to look at upping your fitness sessions, by time and intensity and give something new a try.

If the dark cold evenings turn you into a couch potato, then you will soon be able to bin the duvet, the evening tv and get out and spring into action!

We have FREE TASTERS all week beginning Monday March 11th, if the programmed sessions do not suit you, let us know and we can arrange a session that will (still free that week) You have nothing to lose, just wear clothing appropriate for outdoor weather conditions, we supply the equipment and then try Nordic walking - you may change your life!

Also startingMarch and to celebrate the lighter evenings we are launching 'BOOT CAMP CIRCUITS'
NO requirement to be a Nordic walker, we use various equipment, and own body weight in a session designed fo all abilities and levels of fitness, GET DOWN and GET DIRTY, the outdoor training class that will test your endurance, strength and focus, you will accelerate your fitness levels very quickly and have a huge sense of achievement at the end of every session.

More info? follow the link - e mail or even better give me a call - book your place early for any session to avoid disappointment

07932 879 786