Staying ahead of the curve I should pass the first 100 miles later today, averaging 18 miles per day should keep me well on target.

I have noticed a change in my rowing technique which has led to an increase in distances being covered, overall fitness is improving too which I want to maintain as if it does 'pan out' it could be a sign of fatigue setting in, and this can lead to injury .

To the advantage of recovery the I am also maintaining getting the distance dome in a single session and not splitting the routines across the day, its all working so far, but really glad that I prepared in Jan/Feb in preparation

BIG thank you to those who have made a donation, it does make a difference to not only the cause, but when I m doing the challenge, mentally its a gr8 motivator.

Ok almost 25% of the way there, cant wait to be blogging when at 100% and completed…!!