As the lockdown turns into un lock we can get confused easily with all of the anomalies it throws up, 1-2 metre distance, can't visit family, but people going on holiday to Spain, no more than 6 in a group unless you protest and it's thousands , waiting for a Covid second coming, but it hasn't , wear a face mask, or not……….it all seems to be coming down to individual choices , the bottom line is use common sense and stay safe, and ask the question to yourself "Do I need it, want it?'

With the 1 metre maybe coming'soon it takes Nordic Walking back to a normal distance for a group and safer when meeting up - 2 metres is safe for Covid, but a big gap form front to rear, especially when navigating a small country road. With a 1 metre, should group size be larger?

All we can do is use the guidelines and remain positive, remain relaxed.

We have no re start date at Lesu for the Nordic Walking, a 1 metre rule gives us a normal distance for a beamfit class too, so there is some light at the ned of the tunnel.

In the meantime - stay safe, take care, stay fit and healthy