It's been a fantastic week with Doublebois Fit Club - we went 'Back to Basics' in all of our daily sessions to give a measure of how far everyone has progressed over the past few months, more sets, more reps were achieved with sessions also averaging 12 minutes longer, it was also evident in core strength and focus - On line exercise is 'THE FUTURE OF FITNESS'

When gyms re open it could be a caesura of gong and leaving in your work out kit, no showers available, equipment will have to be thoroughly cleaned after use and probably before by you personally (not just a wipe down) - equipment will be taped off if distancing cant be done and a lot of the studios will not be large enough to hold a class - coupe al of this with the sweat and atmosphere of increased breathing and it all doesn't sound very inspiring!!!!

Out door fitness is back for groups of no more than 6 and on line exercise is here to stay - the advantages are there for all to see, if on line suits you, it is the way to go. We have a gr8 crowd with us at LESU, our classes are 6 days a week, cost effective and gr8 fun. Or personal training programmes are designed be spoke for the individual and you have more support and are in contact with your trainer a lot more than visiting them once or twice a week

Click the ON LINE TAB on the right to find out more - join the daily classes for a week to check them out - join for a month and get a FREE Lesu Turtle Fitness Bag, there is no joining or membership fee. Personal training 'Off the shelf' Package is available, a FREE weeks taster also there, and also the sign in page for a be spoke and totally personalised coaching course,


Nordic Walking with our adventure walks, courses, taster sessions, and fitness classes will make a return when we at Lesu consider it safe to do so in our areas, no matter what dates are given by the Government, or advice by sporting associations the final decision for us is by us to keep our customers safe
So right now


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